Hi, my name is Teri.
My love for jewelry, especially handmade, started with my first job out of high school.I was fortunate enough to work with qualified artisans and Gemologists. Here I learned about different types of jewelry making materials and gemstones. The knowledge I gained has helped me significantly,especially in identifying quality materials/gemstones to use in my work.

I like working with Sterling Silver, PMC and Gemstones. I find Sterling Silver to be very malleable which helps with the creative process. To give a little "jazz" to some pieces I use a wide variety of semi-precious gemstones. I also like the various colors given to Silver by using liver of sulfur (patina). Recently I have been using this technique on some of my pieces, especially those made from PMC.

I purchased my first set of tools 2yrs ago because i was simply bored with the mass production and sameness of a lot of jewelry. I wanted to wear jewelry that was unique and fits my personality. From this idea Stem Designs was born and the response from everyone has been great. I have been creating beautiful jewelry since while exploring and keeping abreast of different jewelry making techniques.

I am exited about the future and where it will take me in the creative process. Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you find something that you love.

Thank you for stopping by. Please browse the wide selection of items in my shop. I am consistently updating and adding new designs, so please stop by often.